Rikke Bjørn is a danish artist living and working in Snekkersten and Copenhagen. 

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My paintings are geometric compositions, where I examines colors and surfaces. I paint because I need to. The work stimulates my need for order and structure. The hard edges create a visual calmness, while simultaneously the colors talk to each other. I construct my compositions intuitively and as the process progresses,  and I am fascinated by the colors interaction with each other. I rarely work with sketches, which makes the process free and open. I construct solid forms directly on the canvas, which provides the basis for experimenting as to how much I can manipulate them. Through the work with specific themes, I create new works and compositions.


Rikke Bjørn, 2018


Rikke Bjørn work within the genre of Concrete Art. Her works are composed of surfaces and colors. A pictorial element does not have any meaning beyond “itself”; as a consequence, a painting does not have any meaning other than “itself”.

Her works are immidiate and does not have an actual message. Curiosity, wonder, irritation and the desire to "solve the puzzle" are some of the emotions she strives for when creating her art.  

View Rikke Bjørns works here and paperworks here.


Art Concrete was an art movement with a strong emphasis on geometrical abstraction. The term was first formulated by Theo van Doesburg and was then used by him in 1930 to define the difference between his vision of art and that of other abstract artists of the time. After his death in 1931, the term was further defined and popularized by Max Bill, who organized the first international exhibition in 1944 and went on to help promote the style in Latin America. The term was taken up widely after World War 2 and promoted through a number of international exhibitions and art movements.


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